Shading knitwear

Shading knitwear (nets) are widely applied in horticulture, nursery and forestry. They are also used in building industry and also as shields for recreation and sports areas.

Shading knitwear are made of PP flat film possessing UV stabilization guaranteeing long-lasting use. They are made in dark green and white colour. On the external edges of the net there is a stripe with meshes enabling instalation on the rack.

Shading knithwear are applied:

  • in horticulture as plant protection against extensive exposure to the sun rays both in greenhouses and open areas,
  • in winter as protection against frost,
  • for collecting seeds in forestry,
  • on tennis courts and paintball fields,
  • as shields on fences in newly set gardens

durability: 4 horticulture seasons

Product Rpp186 Rpp183 Rpp185
width 400 cm 100;150;200;300;400cm 300 cm
grammage 38 g/m2 64 g/m2 179 g/m2
colour green green green
shading intensity 42% 60% 82%
content in bale 75 m 75 m 35 m